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Hellenic International Scientific Institute

Affiliates Benefits
What do the various Bodies, PCOs, companies, associations or professional services companies, etc., operating in Greece expect from the Amfiktionies Institute?
The "AMFIKTIONIES" Institute does not aim at becoming either a coalition between leading conference organizers, or a destination management company or an event management company, but rather at supporting the work of all the above for the good of Greece.
With a global and local presence and expertise, through the perspective of the "end client", we set the appropriate standards by providing top advisory activities to the companies related to the above subject. 

Direct connection with the "AMFIKTIONIES" Institute significantly enhances the credibility and reputation of your company around the world. This is because this connection maps out, in the international scientific companies, not only an approach of the event down to the last detail, but also this approach through the doctrine of "cost-benefit". This realization aims at meeting, as far as possible, your objectives and timeless strategy. 

There are increased chances of creating novel business opportunities due to networking with industry leaders. 

Through access to a global network of distinguished scientists of the world, you increase the value of your business. 

Networking between affiliate companies moving alongside your business, leads to shareable experiences that enhance entrepreneurship, lead to reduced costs and improved quality of services. 

Encouragement and motivation of your staff, due to competitiveness caused by contact with international like-minded entities.

Improving your company’s potential, because of increased cooperability with powerful foreign professional event organizers.

We expect to collaborate with you and inform you of novel, realistic and sound practices for your events, which exceed the expectations of the organizing committee of international scientific societies, so that our country can be identified with high quality results.
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