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25. To create, according to the decision of the Executive Committee of “Amfiktionies”, various “Scientific Sectors of Specialised Fields of Knowledge” (SSSFK), such as 1. Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary as well their respective specialties, 2. the fields and specialties of the Liberal Arts and Social Studies, 3. Engineering Schools, 4. Finance, 5. Sciences as well as 6. any other scientific fields taught in Universities.

The aim of the SSSFK is the study, the innovative research, the application, the advancement and the dissemination of the modern quality methods and techniques of their scientific fields. Through their Organising Committees, they will organise symposiums, seminars, conferences, workshops and other, in order to inform the participating domestic and international scientists about key topics of interest. Of course, the above procedures of ‘Life long Continuous Education’ will always be carried under the auspices and the quality requirements of ‘Amfiktionies’.

The Medical field is a key area for SSSFK, as there are numerous specialties such as cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, general medicine, rheumatology, neurology, pathology, psychiatry, general surgery, paediatrics, urology, nephrology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, gastroenterology as well as any other specialisation recognised by WHO, together with any supporting functions and sub-specialties.

The aim of the Medical and Dentist SSSFK is the scientific - and where possible inter-disciplinary – dynamic information feed for all Medical staff concerning the latest updates relating to the epidemiology of immunological disorders, the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, the support of the quality pharmaceutical treatment of various illnesses, as well as the education of the public in preventive issues and early diagnosis.

This timely presentation of modern research information, laboratory or clinical practices and activities, for the support, advancement and promotion of the quality medical practice, will be realised through scientific and/or inter-disciplinary educational events (symposiums, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.) and will be addressed towards scientists who live in Greece or abroad.

The SSSFK for each medical specialty will be run by a 3-member committee (President, Vice-President, and Member), comprised by renowned scientists of each respective field. The President will be appointed after being seconded by 3 members of Amfiktionies, while the other 2 (Vice-President and Member) will be appointed by the President of each SSSFK. The SSSFK committee’s term lasts for 2 years, with the right of renewal. During their term, the committee enjoys financial self-government and the ability to choose how to organise scientific events, as long as their activities comply with the Amfiktionies Bylaws and any decision of the “Amfiktionies” Executive Committee.

The above points are true for all SSSFK and not just the Medical or Dentist ones.

Amfiktionies is not financially or scientifically responsible for any activity of the SFSKs, unless such a request is approved by majority in the Executive Committee or in the General Assembly.

26. To encourage the generation of innovative ideas and to disseminate them (through hosting them at its website) to Greek businessmen and scientists, thus bridging the gap between scientific research and business activity.

In this case, innovative ideas, services and products from the field of applied research, which are often considered to have high added value and enjoy impressive growth, are related to the Digital, Telecommunication, Energy, Education Technology and other fields.

The aim is to promote, on an international level, the domestic youth scientific and innovation activity, in order to increase exposure to global investors and to open doors towards commercial applications.

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