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Hellenic International Scientific Institute

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There are many reasons for distinguished foreign and domestic scientists and professionals to join the institute HELLENIC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE -AMFIKTIONIES: 
Staying connected under one scientific body and the possible cooperation of the world’s Hellenism is perpetually mutually beneficial and particularly vital in order to maximize the effect of any scientific, educational, research or even entrepreneurial effort. Every member should consider that the common denominator of every successful effort is unity and not "divide and conquer" as worded by Aristotle. 
Becoming, therefore, a member of the Institute "Amfiktionies" here and now, is something that every Greek scientist or even a businessman operating abroad (and not only), should consider.
  • Why not bring all together the most prominent, intelligent and creative people from around the world, who are characterized by love for Greece and a passion for scientific and professional development?
  • And why not have the opportunity to make contacts around the world?
  • Moreover, it is well known that the Greek scientific & professional force, which is active across the planet, consists of enlightened people with high performance and dynamism in the academic and other sectors, full of novel ideas and sought-after skills in the areas of science in general, as well as those of exact sciences and the humanities.
  • On the other hand, the expatriate Hellenism has provided the world stage with leading figures who have created world firsts, as well as with prominent businessmen in the international competitive field who have gained everlasting reputation for their top performance in many sectors.
  • Therefore, why would someone not have a chance to offer something simple for oneself, yet essential for the homeland, the place where he was or his ancestors were born? As for example offering the opportunity to make Greece one of the first convention destination choices, for international or European events.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, one, sharing this vision, may also enjoy the opportunity for:

  • Accessing press releases of the Institute’s website, which provide information and contact details of the organizers of scientific and non-scientific events, planned to take place in Greece.
  • A direct link to sites where scientific events of Greeks are presented, which are planned to take place abroad or which involve Greek guest speakers.
  • Direct contact and exchange of information between its members through Skype or chat rooms.
  • Each and every member, if they so wish, can visit the website’s dedicated list which includes Greek-speaking candidates of international acclaim with their exclusive sign-on information.
  • On-site entering of information (for members only) of available scholarships offered, as well as the possibility of meeting with prospective employers and perhaps an easier access to one’s next job.
  • Providing 12-month long opportunities for members to participate in social, informational or educational networking organized by the Institute.
  • Providing a platform for willing members to enter information (without any political context) related to cultural activities taking place in Greece.
  • Regular information on every planned event in Greece, which will come to the attention of the Institute, with the cooperation of Greek Scientific Societies such as Professional Congress Organizers (e.g. PCOs).
  • The Institute encourages regular contact and the possibility of achieving cooperation between the expatriate and domestic Greeks.
  • Being a member of an internationally recognized community aspiring to common objectives automatically means having an excellent and vigorous way to broaden one’s communication skills and building a friendly scientific and professional network.
  • And of course the members of the Institute in the context of interdisciplinarity have the opportunity, if they so wish, to share innovative ideas in the fields of their science or their entrepreneurship, which can help them get ahead on the international competition.
  • Furthermore, members of the Institute who live and work abroad will have the chance to always be apprised of the Greek events which reflect the Greek reality.
  • And, furthermore, becoming a member is so very easy. Just fill out the page of the application form.
Therefore, simultaneously sharing the vision of uniting the Greek global scientific league and being a member of such an acclaimed and dynamic community is something exciting, incredibly tempting, and the responsible thing to do. The unification offers members and Greece a uniquely distinct dynamic, which we anticipate will have a considerable impact on the international stage and on Greece, for the benefit of everyone and especially of the younger generation.
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