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Hellenic International Scientific Institute

Become an affiliate

How to become an affiliate

The AMFIKTIONIES Institute welcomes any new affiliate who wishes to participate in their field, in order to help attract scientific events to our country. 

For a company/organization/institution etc. to be eligible as an affiliate, they must meet the following criteria:
  • If they are a professional conference organizer, it is necessary that they can prove that they have experience in organizing and managing international conferences in Greece, as well as conferences abroad.
  • It is preferable for someone to already be a member of HAPCO or any other professional conference organization.
  • If they are a destination management company (DMC, travel agency), or a hotel, etc., it is obligatory that they decisively contribute to the development of conference events in Greece by providing high-quality services to scientific international or European bodies.
  • If they are a scientific association, or company, or entity, they must be recognized and legitimate.
  • If there is cooperation with the Convention & Visitors Bureaus which already exist, as well as those that are under construction, it is welcome. Besides, Amfiktionies envisions a consulting rather than a competitive role in every local endeavor and beyond.
  • In every case, the affiliates will be able to assist and add value to the activities of the AMFIKTIONIES Institute.
  • Finally, they should unswervingly accept the decisions of the Board or the General Meeting and the mode of operation of the "Hellenic International Scientific Institute".
For more information about joining the AMFIKTIONIES Institute, please contact us at: info@amfiktionies.org
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