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Planning an international event can be a troublesome experience, time consuming and costly.

On the other hand, it is certain that, no matter how successful an event ends up being, the society /company goes through a recurring cycle of challenges and problematic situations during planning.

Naturally, the repeated use of the same organizing body can provide consistent success to a significant degree. Yet, the Organizing Committee members tend to change, thus affecting the stance of the entire Committee in many ways, such as towards the PCOs or other event organizers. 

In this case, "Amfiktionies" provides the answer to the unique demands of Organizing Committees, with our international and local network of informed members. 

We are always there to help you, if you wish, with every detail of your event, whether you choose a new conference organizing service (PCO or DMC) or keep the old one. 

Our philosophy is summarized in the following 10 points: broad viewpoint, novelty, experience, dynamism, reliability, adaptability, inspiration, knowledge building, networking and collaboration. 

  1. Broad viewpoint, as thanks to the multidisciplinary identity and multi-faceted knowledge base of the members of the Institute, we are able to view the whole event from many different angles.

  2. Novelty in theme, in its presentation in the venue, and novelty in the social program, because repeatability leads to indifference and lack of attention.

  3. Experience, from a breadth of events, as organizing committee members, but also as simple participants, paves the way to avoiding wrong choices and overcoming obstacles.

  4. Dynamism, because the participation as members of the "Amfiktionies" Institute by default represents our energy, determination and desire to get the show on the road.

  5. Reliability, because we know that reliability, legitimacy and sincerity, are the key means for gaining trust and cooperation, which are the foundation of any successful endeavor.

  6. Adaptability, because when science gallops ahead, there is information overload and the socio-economic data constantly change. It is, therefore, imperative that our collective, widespread knowledge be used, so that each event is executed on a realistic basis.

  7. Inspiration, because handling the difficulties of today sometimes requires the innovative solutions of tomorrow. The knowledge level of the members of the Institute with their multidisciplinary identity provides a fertile ground for innovation and inspiration that is the preliminary stage of creativity.

  8. Knowledge building, which is the basis for substantiated action. Repeated handling, by Institute members, of multifaceted problems in their various events have led to the building of the necessary knowledge for readily available solutions to many other emerging problems.

  9. Networking; the diverse composition of the Institute offers a unique networking opportunity and interaction with new partner institutions, PCOs, agencies or sectors. At the same time through this dynamic the Institute can maximize the positive impact of any new business innovative endeavor.

  10. Collaboration; through this dynamic, there is an ability for mutual and constant flow of innovative solutions and mutual support of all members involved. Motivated by a collective sense of need and shared responsibility for the advancement of our country’s authority, the members are interconnected and cooperate in order to better leverage resources and at the same time in order to have a high-quality event.



     IN GREECE? 

If you wish to organize any type of event in Greece, the "AMFIKTIONIES" Institute is the most tried-and-true agency which can provide, free of charge, the highest level of advisory services. 

And if you are a local business, an institute, a scientific society/company that wants to access the market of conference activities, expos as well as business events in Greece, we are the most suitable people who deserve to be approached, and this because we have been in your shoes several times in the past. 

We are able to answer any questions you have, immediately, in English, French, Spanish and German. 

In the worldwide industry of conference events it is important for one to have networking alliances. We will inform you about the reliable offices of conference events, of the government bodies that are of interest to you, of the most favorite sightseeing attractions and hotels, as well as of the possible constructive partnerships with individual agencies and services (e.g. Societies, Universities, Voluntary Groups, etc.). 

At the same time, apart from medical advice against unexpected issues, we will connect you with local and non-governmental leaders who can aid and assist you so that you reap rich scientific and social experience. 

The members of the Institute, given that they come from all schools of thought, have specialized skills and possess in depth knowledge related to the organization of highly successful national and international conference events. Additionally, since they have been in the same position many times in the past, they are skilled in marketing and communication, as well as in the dynamics of each collaboration so they can advise the organizer to adapt their strategy to their advantage, regarding every aspect of offering, planning and supporting their efforts. 

The "Amfiktionies" Institute, in every single case, intends to offer to any international organizer seamless, complete and affordable consultancy services, knowledge, expertise and support in the planning and implementation of conferences, symposiums, workshops, exhibitions, professional and scientific meetings and incentive trips. 

And, more specifically, to make the planned event more secure and efficient, we can advise the organizer regarding: 
  • The rough preparation of preliminary budgets.
  • Putting the organizer in contact with direct, professional and reliable, in every respect, Professional Congress Organizers (PCOs).
  • Putting the organizer in contact with local government agencies.
  • Putting the organizer in contact with companies providing conference, social and exhibition media and industry services.
  • Putting the organizer in contact with strategic partners within the industry (such as Exhibition Centers, Hotels, etc.).
  • Putting the organizer in contact with the media (radio and TV stations) that can provide the public with information about the entire event, free of charge.
  • Locating appropriate areas that meet the organizer’s specific selection criteria.
  • Help to define and prioritize the specific needs within the organizer’s own budget.
  • The provision of support for on-site assessment, in cooperation with the selected PCO.

Local board members are at your disposal regarding any event either it be for 50 or 5,000 participants, in order to provide you with the local knowledge and experience, as well as detailed reports about ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’. 

Contact us to explore and discover the huge potential for successful events across Greece (www.amfiktionies.org).
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