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Hellenic International Scientific Institute

Executive Committee

vidalis Athanasios VIDALIS, MD, PhD Neurologist-Psychiatrist ex. Chairman of the Psychiatric Sector at the Hippokration General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece.


He holds a B.Sc in Medicine from the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.T.H). He also holds the title of Neurologist-Psychiatrist (4 years of postgraduate studies).

In 1983, he was awarded his Ph.D for his doctoral thesis οn Cortical and Subcortical Neural Activity After Auditory Stimuli, from A.U.T.H.

Between 1985 to 1987 he attended a two-year training programme at Queen Mary`s University Hospital in London, UK, with the subject Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, as part of postgraduate studies of the National Health System of England.

Work experience

He has extensive clinical experience. He has served as leader / expert in a significant number of major international and national research projects and studies.His areas of specialisation include women`s mental health, mental disorders during pregnancy and postpartum, affective and anxiety disorders, psychiatric and psychological disorders with physical comorbidity, psychosomatic psychiatry, brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy, quality of life of children and adolescents and e-health.

His research interest has also focused on psychopharmacology and for this reason he has participated as a principal investigator in international drug research programmes of phase III and above.

Apart from private medical practice he served as an assistant Neurologist – Psychiatrist from May 1981 to September 1982 at the General Hospital Paidon Pentelis, Athens while at the same time being an honorary partner (sessions) in the Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology laboratories of the 1st University Neurological and Psychiatric Clinic of the AHEPA Thessaloniki Hospital (1980 to mid 1982).

September 1983 to March 1988, he lived in England where he worked as a specialist psychiatrist both in England`s National Health System (NHS) and in the Private Sector (152 Harley Street, London) UK.

From December 1985 to May 1986, he also worked at the Goodmayes Hospital of London, covering intermittent positions, in the Psychogeriatric Clinic, the Adult Psychiatric Clinic and the Maternal-Infant Psychiatric Unit.

From April 1986 to November 1987, he also worked as a clinical assistant in two other North London hospitals (North Middlessex Hospital and St Ann`s Hospital).

From September 1985 to February 1988 he was a Senior Research Fellow at Queen Mary`s University Clinic.

In 1988, returning to Greece, he worked privately, while at the same time offering his services to the 3rd University Psychiatric Clinic of AUTH as a scientific collaborator in charge of the “Day Psychiatric Clinic” of the above department.

In 1990 he was unanimously elected Lecturer of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In the same year, he was appointed to the NHS as Director of the Psychiatric Department of the Hippocratio General Hospital of Thessaloniki, a position he held until 2012, from where he retired, working afterwards in the private sector.

During the 1990s and 2000s he dedicated a large part of his activity to the organization and development of innovative services to deal with special mental problemsof at the Psychiatric Department of the Hippokratio General Hospital of Thessaloniki.

More specifically, in 1993, during his directorship, an important achievement was the establishment and operation, for the first time at the hospital level in Greece of the service:

Psychosocial Intervention in cases of Physical and Sexual Abuse of Women. The above activity provided service on a 24-hour basis 365 days a year and for 4+ years Psychiatric,

Psychological, Forensic Legal, Social Services, were provided to to female population patients. At the same time, a series of special services were also developed and operated as such as the Clinic for the Treatment of Special Mental Problems of the Female Population (breast CA, perinatal mental disorders, malignancies of the female reproductive system, premenstrual syndrome “PMS”, menopause, and other, the Clinic for the Treatment of Eating Disorders as well as the Clinic for the Treatment of Cases of Idiopathic Hypertension.

Last and by no means least important was the development and operation of the Clinical Assessment and Therapeutic Treatment of Transplant Cases.

Attendance as Elected Member in Scientific Societies and Associations

He was (a) (1989) co-founding member and serving President to EEEAPSY (Hellenic Association of Out-of-Institutional Mental Health Rehabilitation). In 1993, he participated as a co-founding member (b) of the Women`s Mental Health section of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA). In the above scientific society he was an elected member of its Board of Directors during the two years 1995 - 1997 and also an elected member of the Council during the period 1997 - 1999. From 1993 until 2002 he represented Greece in the above international scientific community.

Additionally, (c) he was a co-founding member of the Women`s Mental Health European Section of AEP (Association of European Psychiatrists).

From (d) (1997 to 2005) he participated in the EQUAL group (European Association of Quality of Life and Health Status Assessment), where from November 1999 to January 2001 he served as President. This was an initiative of scientists from different universities of various European countries and USA, participating as experts in the development and application of psychometric tools for the control and evaluation of the quality of life and the state of health. In addition, (e) he was co-founding member of the Neurophysiological Society of Greece (2000).

Since 2001 (f) he has been Ex Counselor and member while he was also appointed as its representative for Northern Greece of the Hellenic-American Society of Psychiatrists which is a section of the American Psychiatric Association.

He was (g) co-founding member and President of the Pan-Hellenic General Hospital Psychiatric Society (2001 -2012). At the same time he also (h) served President, of the International Society of Quality of Life and Medical Practice (ISoQoL-MP) (qol-congress.gr), and (i) co-founding member and President of the International Society of Quality Medicine (ISoQM) (www.4sp.gr) and (www.is-qm.eu). Both of the above two scientific societies concern all medical specialties and not only psychiatrists.

He was also (j) Vice-President of the society Hellenic Association of Professional Psychiatrists.

Finally, (k) he is co-founding member and Chairman of the scientific society Hellenic International Scientific Institute – Amfiktionies (www.amfiktionies.org).

Other assignments and competences (Research projects and management experience)

From 1989 until the end of 1992, he was an Evaluator of the European Program AZIMUTH). More specifically, he was part of a 5-member International Committee of Evaluators with the objective of evaluating experimental structures for Social and Professional Rehabilitation of the Mentally Ill in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and Greece, with reference center in Rome and final recipient the European Union. In 1993 he submitted to Rome a monograph (Evaluation of European Experimental Project AZIMUTH) which was published by Psychiatric State Mental Hospital Publications, Thessaloniki, 1993.

Since January 2001, he participated in the programme European DISABKIDS project as scientific co-responsible of the Greek department to the European Union. A total of six European countries (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom) were included in this scientific program, with Germany and its University of hamburg as the scientific responsible.

The European DISABKIDS project aims to enhance the Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of children and adolescents with chronic medical conditions and their families.


He was appointed in April 2005, National Trainer for the participating psychiatrists in the “EMBOLDEN” research program by Pharmastar.

From 2006 and for three (3) consecutive terms (2006-8, 2008-10, 2010-2012) he was elected (by circa 700 physicians of different medical specialties of the hospital) and served as President of the Scientific Council of the Hippokration General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece.

He has been member of the Mental Health Committee of the Ministry of Health in Greece.

His research interest in recent years has focused on the problems of people with psychosomatic diseases, issues of social psychiatry as well as problems affecting the quality of life of the mentally and physically suffering, resulting in the publication of corresponding works in Greek and foreign journals.

He was Co-editor:

• Book titled: Subjects of Psychiatry in the General Hospital. Contemporary Publications Company, Thessaloniki

• Associate Editor of the Quarterly Medical Journal, HIPPOKRATIA (1997- present). and editor of:

• Handbook titled: Elements of Neuroanatomy - Neurophysiology. Introduction to Neuroscience A` part. 2nd Edition. Protagoras Publications Company.

• Monograph titled: Evaluation of European Experimental Program AZIMUTH. Psychiatric State Mental Hospital Publications.

• Proceedings titled: The clinical Approach of Psychiatry. Contemporary Publications Company, Thessaloniki.

• Editor and Chapters` author of the Book titled Current Clinical Subjects of Neuroscience. Contemporary Publications Publishing.

• Supplement, Journal Hippokratia on the subject Quality of Life in Clinical Practice. Contemporary Publications Company, Thessaloniki.

• Editor, Medical Journal Hellenic General Hospital Psychiatry, Greek Edition. Contemporary Publications Company, Thessaloniki.

• Journal Hellenic General Hospital Psychiatry. Contemporary Publications Company, Thessaloniki. (English Edition)

• Textbook of Psychopharmacology during Pregnancy and Childbirth. Contemporary Publications Company, Thessaloniki. (Greek edition)

• Book titled: Psychopharmacological issues in Pregnancy and Lactation. Contemporary Publications Company, Thessaloniki. (English edition).

At the same time, the number of research papers published in Greek and foreign journals exceeds 160.

Current position

A significant part of his career is dedicated to Lifelong Continuing Medical Education. He was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of eleven (11) Panhellenic and three (3) International

Scientific Conferences in Greece, twenty-one (21) International scientific workshops or conferences in different European countries, two (2) Panhellenic Forum of the Presidents of

Scientific Councils of Mental State Hospitals of Greece, and a remarkably large number of fullday or multiple-day seminars across Greece.

Αt the same time, he participated as lecturer in more than 180, roundtables, satellite symposia and seminars.

He is currently serving as Chairman in 2 international scientific societies (Hellenic International Scientific Institute – Amfiktionies and International Society of Quality Medicine), continuing unabated the above effort of Lifelong Continuing Medical Education, by organizing the scientific program of such events.

Dr. Carolos Antonios VIDALIS is an experienced business leader, strategist, and entrepreneur.


He holds (1) a Ph.D in Engineering from Imperial College London in the UK, (2) a Diplôme d`Ingénieur from Ecole Centrale Paris, in France and (3) a Civil and Environmental Engineering Degree from the Engineering School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

He has also successfully completed several executive courses in person including:

Collaborative Research Innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2013), Intellectual Property, at the Imperial College Business School (2012) and Judgement and Decision Making, at the London School of Economics (2004).

Work experience

He has worked in the UK, Greece, France and the US, and speaks English, French, Spanish and Greek fluently.

Since early 2017, Carolos has been working at Centrica plc, a British multinational energy and services company, with its headquarters in Windsor, Berkshire, where currently is:

• Head of Hydrogen for Homes Development at British Gas: an innovative decarbonization project trialing the use of hydrogen in domestic and commercial heating in a large, world-first scale. This will ultimately help not only the economy but also allow us to create a cleaner, greener energy and environmental system while creating thousands new jobs.

• General Manager at Hive Home, UK`s largest provider for Net Zero smart home solutions.

The Hive devices, IoT platform and mobile App offer advanced features to customers, helping them control their smart devices from wherever they are, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

In 2022, he founded Orotund Ltd, a London company focusing on a range of activities, including advisory and training services for commercial, product, engineering executive management teams.

He was previously at Bain & Company London, working as a management consultant on strategy projects with FTSE 100 companies across multiple industries including Technology, Healthcare, Engineering, Consumer Goods and Private Equity.

In 2009, he co-founded VDL audiovisual, a technology company providing innovative technical and consultative event audiovisual services to medical, scientific, government and private companies, which he managed until late 2014.

Before that, he had worked at several roles, including as a paid researcher in early 2009 at Texas A&M University, contributing to research on nano-reinforced composite materials for space reentry vehicles, a project sponsored by N.A.S.A and the Texas A&M Aerospace Dpt.

Current position

Carolos is a senior leader in Centrica Plc:

He is also a non-executive advisor at VDL AV, providing professional advice, guidance, actionable solutions, and strategic expertise. He also as the Director at Orotund Ltd.

Awards and Non-Profit Society Activity

He has received multiple awards for both his scientific and professional work; some selected

examples are:

• 1st prize in the IStructE Young Researchers competition, UK (2013) working at the same time with Prof. Nethercot on progressive collapse of steel and composite framed structures as part of a long-term research effort at Imperial College London.

• Travel Award from the Old Centralians` Trust (2013), an award for researchers who demonstrate exceptional academic performance, to present their work internationally.

• MIT (US) and ICL (UK) Fellow (2011), issued by Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Imperial College London International Collaboration.

• Vrika! Scholarship (2006), Issued by French Embassy in Greece.

• Top Industrial Managers for Europe Scholarship (2005), issued by the T.I.M.E. association.

• Athletic Varsity Letter for Tennis (2003), from the American College of Thessaloniki.

Carolos also contributes, on a pro-bono basis, at:

• Imperial College London: tutoring current engineering students since 2018.

• Hellenic International Scientific Institute – Amfiktionies; Co-founding member, and currently serving as Vice Chairman (www.amfiktionies.org).

• Rotaract and Rotary: elected National and District Representative (2012), Club President (2008) and member since 2004.

Konstantinos TERZIS, is a distinguished lawyer with a strong sense of values, currently holding a senior position at a major legal firm in Athens, passionate for everything legal, and with an excellent understanding beyond legal.


He holds (a) a BA in Law, Bachelor of Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece (2006).

Regarding his postgraduate studies, he holds,

(a) from Sheffield University (UK) an Executive MBA in Finance, Master of Business Administration (2013),

(b) from King`s College London (UK) a Master of Arts (MA) in Medical Ethics and Law (2011),

and (c) from Sheffield University (UK) a Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology with a Practicum (2019).

Professional experience

He has practiced martial law (Hellenic Army, Reserve Officer (Second Lieutenant), 2005 – 2007).

From 2008 to 2015 he worked with the firm Charatsaris & Associates (Thessaloniki), Legal Counsel, mainly in the fields of civil, commercial/corporate and medical law.

He has participated in numerous negotiations, both in Greece and abroad (mainly representing companies and trade unions), as well as in commercial mediation procedures as a legal representative.

Specifically on the subject of mediation, he participates as a lecturer / instructor, (a) in the Specialization Programmes of the University of Macedonia, in Thessaloniki, Greece and (b) he has published, in collaboration with Mrs Efpraxia Avloyari, an article on "Code of Ethics for Accredited Mediators: Legal Dimension - Ethical Dilemmas (Hellenic Review of European Law –4/2013 – Volume 33 – October / December 2013).

Other assignments and competences

(Independent Courses, Research projects and management experience)

• Certificate, Principle of Economic (Micro & Macro Economics), Harvard University USA


• Certificate, Bargaining & Negotiations + Judgment & Decision Making for Management,

(LSE) London School of Economics and Political Science (2004).

• Law Terminology in English, Bar Association of Thessaloniki (GR), (2007).

• Law Terminology in German, Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki (GR), (2005).


• Accredited Mediator Trainer, Toolkit Company (Netherlands), (2014).

• CEDR Accredited Mediator, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (London, UK), (2012).

Current position

Lawyer (for the Appellant), Accredited Mediator (CEDR & Ministry of Justice) and Accredited

Mediator Trainer (TOOLKIT & Ministry of Justice) working from 2019 up to present in Vayanos

Kostopoulos Law Firm (Athens, Greece), as a Legal Counsel.

He specialises in corporate and commercial law, contract law, intellectual property law, litigation, negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.

Panagiotis KATSAKIS, is a well-known Media business owner in Thessaloniki

with a passion also for engineering and agribusinesses work.


He holds a (a) B.Sc in Mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece.

In addition he holds (b) a B.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering after graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, School of Engineering, Aristotle University (AUTH), Thessaloniki, Greece, and (c) Bachelor Science (PLI) on the field of computer systems, decision systems, signal processing, computational mathematics and telematics of the Hellenic Open University.

His postgraduate studies include (a) a degree of Bachelor of Interdepartmental Postgraduate Study Program titled Precision Agriculture Applications (EGA) Interdisciplinary, PSP Precision Agriculture (ΕGΑ), from the School of Science and Technology of the Hellenic Open University, and (b) from the Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises of the School of Economics and Business of the University of Patras.

Work experience

He has extensive work experience at a national level in the installation of audiovisual interactive learning media in universities, in televisions and radio, in museum spaces, in electrical and electronic installations in tunneling transport, in advertising and many other, through his Arrow Networks PC company.

On the other hand, for the last ten years, he has been running his innovative agricultural olive production company.

Current position

He serves as President and CEO of the Regional TV Station GNOMI TELEVISION, Central Macedonia, Greece.

He is also the General Manager Administration of the company Arrow Networks PC.

At the same time, he is entrepreneurially General Manager of Elka Farms PC.

George PANGALOS, is emeritus Professor of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece.


He holds a B.Sc in Mathematics from the Mathematic National University School of Athens.

His postgraduate studies include (a) a degree in Systems Analysis, from Informatics State School, Athens, Greece, (b) a M.Sc. in Computer Science, University College, Westfield College, London, UK., and (c) a Ph.D in Computer Science, “Information Systems security Design, Health Database systems design” from the University of London (University College London), UK.

Work experience

He has extensive experience as project leader / expert in a significant number (more than 50) major international and national research projects and studies. The most of them are in e-GOV, and specifically in the areas of e-Health and e-Justice (shaded).

Current position

He is Emeritus Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology Informatics and Information Security Lab, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). He is also Head of the e-Gov (e-Health and e-Justice) research group of AUTH.

His research and long publications record is unrivalled among others, in the areas of Informatics, Information Security, e-Health and e-Government.

He has participated either as a manager/supervisor or researcher in over 45 international projects in the above areas.

At the momen he coordinates three majors EU projects, such as (a) the MeCODEX III (2022- 2024) of the European Union (EU) - (b) the SimpliVi (2022-2024) – and (c) the ICANEPO (2022- 2025).



Vaios DAFOULIS, MD, PhD, Child Psychiatrist Director of the Child Psychiatric Clinic at Hippokration General Hospital Thessaloniki, Greece.


He holds a B.Sc in Medicine from the Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). Of his postgraduate studies, after siting in exams, he holds (a) the title of Child Psychiatrist (2002). (b) He also prepared a doctoral thesis (PhD) with theme Mood Disorders in Children with Epilepsy (2008).

Work experience

He served as a Child Psychiatrist at the Agios Dimitrios, Children`s Care Center, and as a He was Scientific Manager of the Medical Educational Center of Northern Greece and the Mobile Mental Health Unit of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece.

He has worked as a Clinical Expert for the judicial system and has systematic cooperation with agencies and institutions that care for young people with disabilities in matters of abuse. He has also participated in international and national research projects.

Other assignments and competences (Research projects and management experience)

• Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist by the European Society of G.S.Th. - EABCT.

• He is a Founding Member of (a) the Hellenic Society for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (b) the Hellenic Society for the Study of ADHD and (c) the Hellenic Society for Internet Addiction.

• He participated in 2007, in the Organization and Operation of a Special Clinic for the Study of ADHD at the Child Psychiatry Clinic at Hippokration General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece.

• He participates in many Seminars and Conferences.

• He has prepared publications in Greek and International journals, announcements at Pan-Hellenic, European and World conferences, and speeches in Local Self-Government bodies and Parents` Schools and

• Finally, he participated in international and national research projects, and he has translated books and international rating scales of psychometric tools for parents and teachers.

Current position

For more than twenty years he has been the Director of the Child-Psychiatry Clinic of the Hippokration General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Greece, having the responsibility of the therapeutic intervention in children and teenagers with mental health problems, family issues, and Internet Addiction of adolescent population in Northern Greece.

Maria Eleni ELEFTHERIADOU, is a distinguished Graphic Designer, Multimedia Editor and businesswoman in Northern Greece.


She graduates (Bachelor of Science) (4 Years) on Studies in Natural Sciences (FYE) of the Hellenic Open University. Based on areas from the sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, highlighting the unity of these sciences and their important interdisciplinary areas.

While she owns a Training Degree on “Graphic Design”, she holds an Associate Diploma in Negotiating – Negotiating Principles & Tactics (9 months duration) and also on Conflict Management (9 months duration) on the Academy of Negotiating - London – UK, as well as a Master of Science - Media Studies - European University College – London UK.

Work experience

She has work experience as a radio producer on radio station Gnomi 937 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Following on the regional TV station GNOMI TELEVISION, Central Macedonia, Greece.

She has an extensive work experience on graphic design, desktop publishing (brand logos, electronic editing of books, scientific magazines, posters, giant posters, advertising forms, food packaging, TV studio sets, interior and exterior wall decoration, electronic video editing and creation of audio-visual commercials using her brand name Plus Publications.

Current position

She is major factor on the company Arrow Networks PC. In addition, she works as a freelancer with over 20 years of experience in providing graphic designer services to TV stations, audiovisual companies, professional conference organization companies, etc.

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