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The initial reasoning: END OF 2011
The initial reasoning: end of 2011

Although the idea of conferences originated from Ancient Greece with the "Delphic Amphictyonies", our country, in terms of the annual number of conference events held, despite its considerable potential, is at a very low position in Europe, where 60% of these events are hosted (ICCA). 

On the other hand, Greece currently is in an economic "strait", suffocating every potential local, regional and national development. At the same time, its prestige is not at an enviable point. 

To overcome this dreadful situation we need the help of every one of us. This means that we do not only require catalytic and innovative actions, but we also seek help from any Greek entity around the globe, now that our country is being tested the most. 

Here, a concerted widespread effort to establish Greece as one of the leading conference venues, after recruiting all scientific Greek elements living abroad and domestically, could be an important "national economic growth lever", providing substantial assistance in "boosting the prestige" of our country.

It is well known throughout the world that Greece has under its belt all those competitive advantages that may effectively assist in establishing itself, in the minds of scientific and non-scientific event organizers worldwide, as one of the top venues. 

More specifically, the scientific development in all fields, the unique significance of historical landmarks of our country, the excellent climatic conditions, the unsurpassed natural environment of our islands and even more, the Mediterranean diet and Greek hospitality, compose a set of attractive conditions, which merely expect the most opportune moment to bear fruits. 

What is currently required, (combined of course with various governmental and other endeavors), is a coordinated, continuous and adequate visibility strategy of its competitive advantages through Greek scientists around the globe, and not just them.

To achieve this and to put Greece on the international map of conferences and other events as a first#choice venue of the various scientific associations or societies abroad, an international scientific association must be established that will aim at: 

a) combining all the Greek scientific workforce of different disciplines who live and work abroad, b) being a non-profit organization unlike the existing similar ones, in which its members can be made into philhellenes, too, c) including in the Board people who live and work abroad, d) being supported by volunteer domestic groups, e) being open to cooperation with any state or private institution that promotes even in a different but legitimate way its main purposes and f) having no political affiliations. 

Which means that we must trust that the worldwide members of the Institute, inspired by a volunteering spirit and love for the homeland, with the professionalism, expertise and experience available to them, when given the opportunity, they be able to convey to the decision-makers of European or International Scientific Associations/Companies/Agencies, the advantages they could secure if they chose our country as the destination for their events, and the assistance they could count on from each one of us locally. 

Therefore, it is imperative to invite all Greek scientists living and working abroad, and not only, to respond to the vision and join forces by becoming members of the "Hellenic International Scientific Institute of Convention Events" ((www.amfiktionies.org), so that the "AMFIKTIONIES" Institute can be a "common meeting ground" of the Greek scientific populace of the world, aiming mainly at everyone of us assisting within our capabilities to establish Greece as a center attracting various events, so that the Greek economy and society can "breathe". 

Α. Vidalis MD, PhD
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