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Careers opportunities abroad
15-10-14 Job Postings
Over the last ten years, thousands of Greek scientists and other professionals, sought a solution to employment abroad, given that, in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, America, Australia and especially in certain European countries, the invitation to specialized Greek workforce, has been and still is tempting. 

The "AMFIKTIONIES" Institute welcomes job postings which have already been issued abroad, for every knowledge area or trade. 

We particularly expect to receive information about such opportunities from the Greeks who already live and work abroad. 

Any help from them is even more important when it concerns young people from our country who are now ready to open their wings. 

We hope that they will gain invaluable experience which, when they return to Greece, will be useful to our country. 

For job postings, please email us at: info@amfiktionies.org 

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