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Hellenic International Scientific Institute

News from the Institute
25-12-23 Gathering of Greeks from Abroad 28 December 2023, Monasty, Thessaloniki
13-09-23 6th Scientific Meeting of Functional Urology


8-9 December 2023, Gennadios Library, Athens

23-04-23 Bone Metabolism Summer School 8-11 June 2023, Eretria, Greece
04-10-22 Neurology Meeting Non-Alzheimer Dementias, 17-18 December 2022, Athens.
04-10-22 Urological Meeting 5th Scientific Meeting of Functional Urology, Gennadius Library Athens, 2-3 December 2022.
04-10-22 Neurology 2-day seminar Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach to Extrapyramidal Syndrome Disorders: from Theory to Practice
11-07-21 Mental Health Days 2021

26-27 November 2021, Hyatt Regency hotel, Thessaloniki

11-03-21 Summer School of Bone Metabolism 3-6 June 2021, Porto Heli
20-02-21 Site Refresh We are updating amfiktionies.org, with work to be completed in spring 2021.
10-01-21 Brexit, Covid-19 and Quality of Life of Greeks in the UK

Watch the video commentary on the survey results

27-03-20 Covid-19 Contemporary Approach and Advice


08-01-20 London Amfiktionies 2020-21 Meetups (regular)



27-04-19 7th COMBO Endocrinology International Course & Live Workshops

4-6 October 2019, Anavissos, Attica

27-04-19 3rd Medical Meeting: Modern Therapeutic & Invasive Methods

20-22 September 2019, Athens
20-04-19 6th March 2018 - STOP CYBER BULLYING EVENT 6th March 2018, Panorama Thessaloniki
25-03-19 London Amfiktionies 2019 Meetups

Starting 24 January 2019

01-12-18 6th London Amfiktionies Meetup
Sunday 9 December 2018, 4-6pm at Percy & Founders (W1W 7EY), London, UK
06-10-18 1st International Congress on Psycho–Pedagogical Problem-Solving Strategies

12-13 April 2019, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Greece

12-08-18 5th London Amfiktionies Meetup

Sunday 11 November 2018, 4-6pm at Opso (W1U 5QL), London, UK

31-03-18 7th Meeting of the International Mediterranean Society of Orthopaedic Surgery


22-24 March 2018, Makedonia Palace hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

25-03-18 4th London Amfiktionies Meetup

Sunday 29 April 2018, 4-6pm at Opso (W1U 5QL) 

10-03-18 3rd February 2018 - Annual General Assembly of Amfiktionies Sunday 3 February 2018, 10:30-12:00, Makedonia Palace Thessaloniki
21-01-18 3rd London Amfiktionies Meetup

Sunday 18 March 2018, 4-6pm at Opso (W1U 5QL)

04-12-17 2nd London Amfiktionies Meetup

Sunday 10 December 2017, 4-6pm at Opso (W1U 5QL)

03-10-17 1st London Amfiktionies Meetup

Sunday 29 October 2017, 4-6pm at Opso (W1U 5QL)

14-04-15 From the Board
List of distinguished World Greek Speakers Relating various news from the scientific and enterprise Hellenic globe Careers opportunities abroad
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